2 Mozza Burgers for $6 at A&W

In the late 1990s, [Canadian A&W] marketing and products began to take on a more retro approach. Former menu items, such as the Burger Family, were re-introduced, and marketing became more targeted toward the baby boomer generation. At the same time, the current restaurant design was introduced. The exterior features bright orange and yellow colours, reminiscent of the 1950s, while the interior is decorated with memorabilia associated with the same period. Existing restaurants were renovated to match the new style.

It has been said that the name “mozzarella“, which is clearly derived from southern Italian dialects, was the diminutive form of mozza (cut), or mozzare (to cut off) derived from the method of working. Other theories describe its origins as a minor preparation of “scamozza” (Scamorza cheese), which in its turn probably derives from “scamozzata” (“without a shirt”), with allusion to the fact that these cheeses have no hard surface covering typical of a dry cured cheese.