Ventriloquist’s dummy gets knocked out Nestlé Quik in the 1st round

Nesquik is a milk flavoring mix that was developed in the U.S. by 1948, and introduced there as Nestlé’s Quik. In the 1950s, it was launched in Europe as Nesquik. In countries using the “Quik” term (including the U.S. and Australia), the name was changed to the worldwide brand “Nesquik” in 1999.

Farfel the Dog was a hound dog puppet that appeared in commercials for Nestlé’s Quik from 1953 to 1965. Farfel, with assistance from ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson and fellow puppet Danny O’Day sang “N-e-s-t-l-e-s, Nestlé’s makes the very best, chocolate.”

Danny sang:”N-e-s-t-l-e-s, Nestlé’s makes the very best… Farfal sang: Chawk-lit!

Jimmy Nelson tells the story that he was nervous when he performed for the Nestle’s sponsors in the audition and his finger slipped off the control for Farfel’s mouth which caused it to shut with a loud “clap”. When he did the song for them again he was careful not to let his finger slip and was told they liked the version with the clap at the end and was asked to leave it in.