I Can’t Believe It’s A Puerto Rican Girdle

Playtex is a brand of women’s products with the slogan Making Your Life Better Everyday. Playtex manufactures baby items, feminine hygiene, and lingerie.

The word girdle originally meant a belt. In modern English the term “girdle” is most commonly used for a form of women’s foundation wear that replaced the corset in popularity. Constructed of elasticized fabric and sometimes fastened with hook and eye closures, the modern girdle is designed to enhance a woman’s figure. Most open-bottom girdles extend from the waist to the upper thighs. In the 1960s, these models fell from favor and were to a great extent replaced by the panty girdle. The panty girdle resembles a tight pair of athletic shorts. Both models of girdles usually include suspender clips to hold up stockings.

Toyota: It’s a trap!

Toyota, and Toyota-produced Lexus and Scion automobiles, consistently rank at the top in certain quality and reliability surveys, primarily J.D. Power and Consumer Reports.

Monty Norman has been credited with writing the “James Bond Theme“, and has received royalties since 1962. For Dr. No, the song was orchestrated by John Barry who would later go on to compose the soundtrack for 11 future Bond films. Courts have ruled twice that the theme was written by Monty Norman despite claims and testimony by Barry that he had actually written the theme. Norman has consequently won two libel actions against publishers for claiming that Barry wrote the theme, most recently against The Sunday Times in 2001. It is generally acknowledged that Barry came up with the arrangement used in Dr. No.