Frank’s Red Hot and saucy silk panties

[Frank’s Red Hot] is known as the secret ingredient in the first buffalo wing sauce, concocted in 1964 by Teressa Bellissimo at the Anchor Bar and Grill in Buffalo, New York. As the story goes, Teressa and her husband Frank were about to close up for the evening when a group of their son Dominic’s friends came in for a late night snack. To oblige them, Teressa prepared some chicken wings, splashed on a special sauce with Frank’s RedHot Sauce and added celery and blue cheese dressing.

A wide variety of types of panties exist. High-cut, or control top, are cut higher on the hip to slightly pull in and shape the stomach. Bikini cut are cut traditionally, only the hip grips are small, like on those of beachwear. String Bikini are the most popular type of panties worn in the USA, and they are similar to bikini cut panties, but instead of a thin hip grip, they have a small string, which sometimes ties around the waist rather than being pulled up over them. Boyshorts describe a type of panty that has a lower, thicker cut of material around the hips, making them appear as shorts. And the thong, a type of panty designed to hide panty-lines.

Traditionally [buttock cleavage, AKA] the “coin slot” (or “builder’s bum” or “plumber’s crack”) has been associated with overweight plumbers (due to their frequent working position exposing the area). It is sometimes associated with unattractive overweight men in general.