EDS herds cats

Electronic Data Systems (EDS) is a global business and technology services company that defined the outsourcing business when it was established in 1962 by Ross Perot. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, General Motors acquired the company in 1984, although it became an independent company again in 1996.

Many people characterize cats as ‘solitary’ animals. However, cats are actually highly social. A primary difference in social behavior between cats and dogs (to which they are often compared) is that cats do not have a social survival strategy, or a ‘pack mentality’; however this only means that cats take care of their basic needs on their own (e.g., finding food, defending themselves, etc.). It is not the same thing as being asocial. Perhaps the best example of how domestic cats are ‘naturally’ meant to behave is to observe feral domestic cats, which often live in colonies, but in which each individual basically looks after itself.