Tampax Mariachis Advertise Your Period

During World War II, Tampax produced large quantities of wound dressings for the military. It was noted for having a mostly, almost exclusively, female workforce for much of its history.

Tampons are a menstrual device worn completely inside the vaginal canal with the exception of the string. Thus they offer discretion and freedom to women allowing activities such as swimming to continue without interruption.

Mariachi is a type of musical group, originally from Cocula, Jalisco, Mexico. Usually a mariachi consists of at least three violins, two trumpets, one Mexican guitar, one vihuela (a high-pitched, five-string guitar) one guitarrón (a small-scaled acoustic bass) and occasionally a harp. They dress in silver studded charro outfits with wide-brimmed hats. The original Mariachi were Mexican street musicians or buskers.

Leo Burnett Worldwide is an advertising company. It was created in 1935 by Leo Burnett. He was born in St. Johns, Michigan, and studied journalism at the University of Michigan. He worked as reporter and copywriter at various companies until 1930.

Playtex Deodorant Tampons Are Even Better Than Before

A tampon is a plug of cotton or other absorbent material inserted into a body cavity or wound to absorb bodily fluid. The most common type in daily use is a usually disposable plug that is designed to be inserted into the vagina during menstruation to absorb the flow of blood.

Playtex Products, Inc., a publicly traded company, continues to use the Playtex brand name on feminine hygiene, infant care, and rubber gloves, while owning other brands not using the Playtex name, such as the Banana Boat® and Hawaiian Tropic brands of sunscreen and Wet Ones premoistened disposable wipes.

When I have an itch down there, it’s disgusting

Vagisil creme is a feminine hygiene product used to provide freshness and lubrication in a woman’s vaginal area. Vagisil is distributed by Combe Incorporated.

Combe Incorporated, based in White Plains, New York, is a privately owned personal-care company founded in 1949 by Ivan Combe. It is best known for its Odor Eaters line of foot-care products. Combe also owns the brands Just for Men, Lanacane, Scalpicin, Vagisil, and Grecian Formula.

Feminine hygiene is a general term used to describe products used by women during menstruation, vaginal discharge, and other bodily functions related to the vulva.