Snocrates is in search of the ideal snack

Del Monte aggressively marketed Snausages [a dog treat that resembles miniature hot dogs] upon the product’s launch in 1984, using a talking dog mascot named Snocrates, a pun on the name of the philosopher Socrates. The product’s catchphrase: “The most fun a dog can eat.”

Snocrates was originally a real dog, however, a week before the ad was due to be filmed, Snocrates unfortunately fell down the stairs and got a broken leg. As there was no Snocrates, they decided to use an animated dog as their mascot instead.

Del Monte Foods is an American food production and distribution company based in San Francisco, California. It offers canned goods in Del Monte, S&W and Contadina brands, pet foods under Kibbles n’ Bits, 9Lives, Pounce, Milk-Bone and several premium brands, canned tuna under StarKist Tuna, and other foodstuffs.