Gentlemen prefer Hanes Alive

Hanes and Hanes Her Way are brands of apparel currently owned by the HanesBrands, Inc Corporation. The Hanes brand is used by the company for marketing a broad range of apparel essentials. During the 1970s and 1980s, their women’s hosiery tagline was “Gentlemen Prefer Hanes”.

The term ‘pantyhose‘ originated in the United States, referring to the combination of ‘panties’ (an American term for women’s underpants) with sheer nylon hosiery, meaning they are usually worn without other undergarments.

Upskirt is a slang term usually referring to up skirt photography, images of the view up a woman’s skirt (as seen from underneath), including shots of a woman’s underwear, or exposing her vulva or buttocks. Alternately, an “upskirt” may be a video, an illustration, or simply a view.

To a degree, “gentleman” signified a man who did not need to work, and the term was particularly used of those who could not claim nobility or even the rank of esquire. Widening further, it became a politeness for all men, as in the phrase “Ladies and Gentlemen,…” and this was then used (often with the abbreviation Gents) to indicate where men could find a lavatory, without the need to indicate precisely what was being described.