Give Quiznos Chicken Carbonara Another Chance

All of Quiznos’ sandwiches are served toasted, although they will be served untoasted at the customer’s request. The best selling subs are the Classic Italian, the Mesquite Chicken with Bacon, the Prime Rib Cheesesteak, the Chicken Carbonara, and the Turkey, Ranch and Swiss sub.

The Italian-American [Carbonara] recipe commonly referred to as carbonara is made from cream, eggs, parmesan cheese (sometimes with pecorino romano cheese), and pancetta (or some other type of bacon). Some American recipes add salt, pepper (white or black), and/or garlic to taste; with peas added for color. This preparation is saucier than the Italian version, and has more in common with a cream sauce such as that incorporated into fettuccine alfredo.

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